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Hey everyone,

Today, we'd like to announce two brand new large updates to the store; the introduction of rank packages and island expansion upgrades.

Rank Packages are a way for you to get more value out of your dollar, as you get both ranks on each realm. As we add more realms, you'll also have the equivalent rank on the new realms at no additional cost. The rank packages category at https://store.skyclash.org has the information on what each package entails there.

Island Expansion Upgrades allow you to purchase an island size upgrade without the added cost of buying the size enhancement from scratch. This is the same concept as ranks and rank upgrades. Island Expansion Upgrades are available at https://store.skyclash.org

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reply below or ask in Discord!

Kind regards,
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Hey everyone,

By now, most of you probably know that I've joined the team as the new owner of this fantastic community. Everyone has been so welcoming and kind, which really makes me feel at home. Anyways, on for the news.

Barbarian Realm
After 3 days, the Barbarian Realm is finally back online and fixed!

Knight Realm
  • Fixed crates
  • Fixed spawners (they no longer stack, though we're looking into re-adding that in the future!)
If you have any questions or concerns, please reply below!
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Hey everyone!

Updates have been so stale the past month and a half or so! To compensate, we've decided to come up with a whole bunch of new features and bug fixes you've all been requesting. We've spent around 2 weeks working on every issue, making sure everything is fine and polished. You will all love this update. It was very hard to accomplish, but we finally did it! Let's get started. :)

Bug Fixes
There have been so many bug fixes in this update (which are very tiny to note.. would take forever to note each and every bug), which SkyClash was infested with. Here is a huge list on all the things we've fixed.
  1. Mooshroom Cows now all die at once.
  2. Magma Cubes now die all at once.
  3. Harvestor Hoe now takes mcMMO into consideration.
  4. Mooshroom Cows & MagmaCubes drop their custom loot now. You can expect to get golden ingots from Mushroom Cows, and Diamonds...
by EggsWithAchar at 2:39 PM
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Hey everyone,

Welcome to our new website! I'm sure you're wondering; what happened to the old website?
Well, we got rid of the old website and put in a new, up-to-date forum software and changed the themes.
This is so much easier to work & navigate around.

Now, all you need to do is sign-up just like you did before and begin posting! :D

We'll be posting so many more updates here, so sign up!